Action Driven Podcast

The Action Driven podcast is in its first season.

It’s a show where Talia Wolf and Ross Simmonds come together to discuss the latest marketing, growth and business strategies for driving meaningful results. The show takes a two format approach:

Actionable Tips: These episodes are less than 15 minutes in length and give you actionable tips that you can apply in your business.

Throwback Thoughts: These episodes take you back into time to understand a timeless idea and then fast forward to today with a perspective on how it can be used in the modern marketing mix.

Meet your hosts

Ross Simmonds is the founder of Foundation Marketing, a content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to develop & serve ambitious brands. Foundation Marketing provides content marketing services to organizations all over the world ranging from some of the fastest-growing startups & consumer products to global Fortune 500 brands.

Ross and the team at Foundation have launched marketing initiatives that reach millions of people on channels like Instagram, Slideshare Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Talia Wolf is the founder of GetUplift which provides conversion optimization services for high-growth companies. Using customer-centric strategies, emotional targeting, persuasion and data, Talia generates more revenue, sales and leads for her clients and students.

Talia has taught on stages such as Google, MozCon, CTAconf, Search Love and many more and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.